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Arabic Tutor (Arbi Ka Mu’allim) – Exam Paper

Tas-hil al-Adab Fi Lisan al-‘Arab popularly known as ‘Arbi Ka Mu’allim’ or ‘Arabic Tutor’, a well-known Arabic Grammar textbook which is included in the syllabus of many Islamic seminaries.

The following are exam paper(s) related to this book, please note that the paper(s) does not cover the entire book, rather just a section based on what the students had studied:

Arabic Tutor (Arbi Ka Muallim) Part One

Arabic Tutor (Arbi Ka Muallim) Part Two – Coming Soon

Arabic Tutor (Arbi Ka Muallim) Part Three  – Coming Soon

Arabic Tutor (Arbi Ka Muallim) Part Four  – Coming Soon

We are currently working on exam papers for the other parts of the book, if you would like to contribute, please feel free to submit via our Submit Your Work page.

Following are other exam papers related to the same topic:

Tasheel-Al-Nahw (1,1-1.3)

Tasheel-Al-Nahw (sec. 1.5.1)

Tasheel-Al-Nahw (1.4- 1.4.2)

Tasheel-Al-Nahw (1.4.3- 1.5)

Tasheel-Al-Nahw (chapter 1)

Tasheel-al-nahw (chapter 1- part two)

Tasheel-Al-Nahw (chapter 2.5-2.6)

Tasheel-Al-Nahw (chapter 2-2.1-2.4.8)

Siblings of 'ilm

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