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The Khulāsa – Book Review

Title: The Khulāsa

Author: Sheikh Muhammad ‘Abd al-Hayy al-Kattānī

Editor: Muftī Javed Iqbāl

Translator: Ustādha Āisha Bewely

Publisher: Turāth Publishing

A summary of Imām At-Tirmidhī’s ‘Ash-Shamā’il Al-Muhammadiyyah’. During the preparation of my trip to the Haramain (2016), I was spoilt for choice when picking a book to read on plane (Alhamdulillāh). So many titles yet I couldn’t make up my mind. My eyes fell on ‘The Khulāsa’ and I realised it was the perfect book for the trip.

Firstly, I couldn’t think of a better topic which would fit the trip, a spiritual reviver of the heart. The Khulāsa provided brief points of each aspect of the life of the Beloved Prophet Muhammad (Sallallāhu Alaihi wa Sallam). This was perfect because it fell in line with my intention to act upon as many Sunnah’s as possible during my stay in Madīnah Munawwarah.

Secondly the book was only 91 pages which meant I could finish it and start my second read during the flight.

The Shamā’il

The Shamā’il of Imām at-Tirmidhī is a large collection of Ahādīth covering the complete and blessed lifestyle of our Beloved Prophet (Sallallāhu Alaihi wa Sallam). From his physical description, to the description of how he would eat and the clothes he would wear! The preservation of each and every intricate detail of his life is truly astonishing. The Khulāsa, (which literally translates as summary) is a summary of the above-mentioned Shamā’il.

The Book

After reading the book, I think that the content does justice to the title by the author providing a summary and not another book as lengthy as the Shamā’il. He has provided the main relevant points of each chapter and without lengthening the chapters, keeping it concise and straight to the point. The grammar is not exaggerated unnecessarily and the level of English used is simple.

There is however the possibility of misunderstanding some narrations without prior knowledge of them due to it being brief. If this is the case, refer to the scholars or the more detailed versions.

An aspect of the book layout which stood out was how the chapters were set out, I particularly liked how they started each chapter on a new page, it really made a difference to the reading experience.


Type: Paperback

Paper: Acid-free paper (as per the standard of Turāth and White Thread Press)

Price: £3.75, worth every penny.

Credit to the publishers (Turāth) and their team because yet again, they have done an excellent job with this publication. Brother Javed Iqbal annotated the book providing relevant points to note throughout the book, removing any possible questions or misunderstandings etc. I am unable to comment on the accuracy of the translation (done by Ustādha Āisha Bewely) because I have not seen the original copy to compare it to (however I am sure she will have done a fine job).

One change I would recommend is that, a few chapters only consisted of a single point a sentence long. If a minimum of three points were included then it would be good but I’m sure the author has perfectly valid reasons for such.

Closing Comments

This review has been dragged a little long but as a conclusion, I would recommend this book because it is good primer before going on to read the Shamā’il and the Sunnahs are set out in a way where the reader can inculcate a new Sunnah each day (if read daily). If done as so (where each Sunnah is acted upon) with consistency, they shall become a second nature InshāAllāh! If anybody is well acquainted with a language other than English, they should really endeavour to translate this into as many languages as possible (with the necessary permissions)!

May Allāh overlook any shortcomings.

Hanzala Khān

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