Siblings Of Ilm
Dhikr of a Talib Siblings Of Ilm 1

The Dhikr of a Ta’lib ul-‘Ilm

Treading this path of I’lm brings with it a package of goodness and ease. Having corrected the intention of seeking ‘Ilm solely for the sake of Allāh, each action of learning becomes the Dhikr of a student.

Your dhikr is the constant recital of the gardaan, just as the similitude of the general people getting reward for doing dhikr of Allāh, your dhikr is فعل فعلا… Your dhikr is the ahadeeth you repeat in order to memorise… Your dhikr is the Fiqh notes you read repeatedly in order to grasp an in-depth understanding of Islamic Jurisprudence.

You are rewarded for every time you say it with the intention to study in order to be able to understand the Kalām of Allāh عز و جل. Give yourself completely to this ‘Ilm and hope that you get a portion of it – Inshā Allāh.

Siblings of 'ilm

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