Siblings Of Ilm
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Don’t just read books, read yourself too!

If you’ve been blessed with passion to constantly learn and with courage to face the truth and accept it, make sure you learn a way to heal yourself of trauma and emotional issues that you may be carrying with you and make sure you face the truth about your issues and accept it.

If you don’t do this, chances are your issues will affect the words you say as a teacher, the things you do as a teacher and the positions you take as a teacher. This often happens without the person himself even realizing what’s really driving the bus.

Seeking knowledge is sacrifice, speaking the truth is sacrifice, you know that better than others. So now face the truth about yourself and look into issues that really scare you: the issues within yourself. We all have emotional baggage with us. The fact that you studied a lot doesn’t change that, but the fact that you’re a person of awareness and truth makes you especially responsible. Don’t just read books, read yourself too.

You may need help with this and if you do, look for it. Helping yourself solve your issues is helping your audience. Refusing to do so might be very destructive to both you and them.

Siblings of 'ilm

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