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Sarf Drop-in Sessions


Join our 1-hour drop-in sessions designed to reinforce your learning in a structured yet flexible format.

These monthly drop-in sessions are designed for students seeking additional practice in Ṣarf, whether they are currently studying the subject or have completed their studies. Participants can receive personalised guidance, clarify doubts, and enhance their understanding of morphological patterns and structures in Arabic. Join us to strengthen your skills and build confidence in applying Ṣarf rules effectively.

Learning Objectives:
  • Enhance Understanding of Morphological Structures
  • Apply Ṣarf Rules Effectively
  • Reinforce and Solidify Learning
  • Improve Proficiency in Ṣarf

Course Details

Join our 1-hour drop-in sessions designed to reinforce your learning in a structured yet flexible format. Each session is divided into three segments:

  1. Revision: We will start by revising the chosen topic for the session, ensuring that all participants have a solid understanding of the fundamental concepts.

  2. Practice: The second part of the session allows students to actively practice the topic through exercises and practical applications, reinforcing their comprehension and skills.

  3. Q&A: In the final segment, students will have the opportunity to ask questions and seek clarification on any aspects of the topic, providing personalized support and addressing individual learning needs.

These sessions are ideal for reinforcing knowledge, practicing new skills, and addressing any lingering questions in a supportive environment.

Kindly note: This is not a Sarf course, therefore students are expected to have studied or currently studying Arabic grammar to benefit from the session, particularly Arabic Morphology (sarf).

Recording will not be available for this session, students are expected to attend live.

Instructors Biography

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Ustadha Sadiyah Abowath

Ustādhah started pursuing her ʿĀlimiyyah studies in 2017-2018 at Darul Uloom Online. Thereafter she continued her ʿĀlimiyyah at Zaynab Institute alongside studying for her Diploma in Early Years Education at the University of British Columbia graduating in 2021. From 2019 Ustādhah started teaching Arabic sciences: basic Naḥw (Arabic Grammar), Ṣarf (Arabic Morphology), and Advanced Arabic at various institutes including SiblingsOfIlm and conducted talks for teens and women.

Ustādhah completed her Ālimiyyah programme at Zaynab Institute. Presently; she is teaching Islāmic History and is a maktab teacher in her locality.

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