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A Cordoban Odyssey: Umayyads of Spain


Join us as we discover the captivating saga of the Umayyad-Cordoban era, where history comes alive in a panoramic journey through one of Islam’s golden ages.

Learning Objectives:
  • Chronological timeline of major political and watershed events
  • Panoramic overview of the Umayyad-Cordoban era
  • Brief character profiles of all Umayyad emirs/caliphs, as well as other pre-eminent figures
  • Distillation of Umayyad military exploits
  • Cognisance with underlying social, economic, theological and administrative dynamics
  • Didactic morals taken from the deeds of the caliphs and the lifespan of state
  • Further reading and material engagement

Course Details

Behold the second opus of our ‘Muslim Odyssey’ series!

Season one saw us frequenting the sumptuous desert palaces of the Damascene Umayyads during their short-lived, yet variegated one-century at the helm of the Muslim world.

We now set sail for a destination across the meandering Mediterranean to a drab and dreary domain, at land’s precipice on the Atlantic Ocean. Unbeknownst to the world, its under-exploited provinces were about to be given a new lease of life: to be momentarily erased from the map in the future, but forever celebrated for its melancholy contrast of eight-centuries worth of glory and gloom as Al-Andalus.

Students are encouraged to attend live to benefit from the interactive session. Recordings will be available for students who are unable to attend due to exceptional circumstances.

Instructors Biography

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Mawlānā Adil Tagari

Adil Tagari graduated from the traditional, full-time ʿālimiyyah programme at Darul ʿUlūm Preston (DUP) in 2021, culminating in final year lectures with the founder of DUP and bibliophilic historian, Shaykh al-Ḥadīth Mawlānā Fazlehaq Wadee (may Allah preserve him). He thereafter studied a jurisprudence course at Whitethread Institute, under the tutelage of Muftī Abdur Rahman Mangera (may Allah preserve him). Additionally, he teaches evening classes at The Suffah Institute, including modules on Islamic history. He previously served as an imam at Masjid Salaam, Preston.

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