Learning Arabic can be difficult. Being overwhelmed with vocabulary is stressful for a student. Now you can learn over forty words with ease with the help of artist Mahmoud Tammam who has created a series of illustrated Arabic words which show exactly what each word means in pictorial form.

Tammam has manipulated the Khat al-‘Arabi (Arabic Calligraphy) by sloping curves and dots of the Arabic characters into the bodies of animals, pieces of fruit, and distant landscapes so even if you can’t read the language, you can look at his illustrations and instantly understand what you’re reading – which in effect assists in remembering the words also!

What a fun way to learn a new language!

crown | تاج

ape | قرد

ape | قرد

she | هي

freedom | حرية

whale | حوت

Tea | شاي

rams | جدي

lion | أسد

giraffe | زرافة

gazalle | غزال

citadel | قلعة

ink | حبر

fox | ثعلب

bear | دب

dog | كلب

elephant | فيل

duck | بط

cat | قط

watermelon | بطيخ