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The knowledge is the knowledge

Have patience in your lesson. If the teacher doesn’t move on as fast as you’d like and you start to feel you’ll never finish the book, remember that you’re there to learn, not to finish the book.

Sure, there may be teachers who really spend too long on points that you may feel are not that relevant, but many times when the experienced go off-topic or tell you stories, you will only benefit from that. Try to have that mindset next time you feel you just want to move on.

Sitting with instructors is more than just explaining words and completing pages. Instruction and guidance are more than that. You’re not there to just learn the book, you’re also there to become a better person.

Be thankful if your teacher wants to form a bond with you and wants to give you those gems that you will never find in any book. This is something not all get to experience.

Siblings of 'ilm

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