Siblings Of Ilm
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Just imagine…

Imagine a world where you are a talib ‘ilm but no one else will ever know what you’ve studied and no one else thinks anything special about specific religious studies.

Then ask yourself: what religious topic would you really focus on in that world? What topic would you really want to master to increase your own personal well-being? What do you really need to really succeed in front of Allah? Is it what you’re striving to learn now or does the non-existence of opinions change the way you feel? Find the topic you want the most, the knowledge that will carry you to success when you’re alone. The knowledge that will keep you up when you feel like falling down.

Then come back to the real world and start focusing on that topic.

You don’t have to leave all other topics of course, and some topics might not attract you so much but they’re needed in the community and you got talent, but you know now that there is something specific you want to focus on greatly, even if it’s not the most appreciated and notable thing in your circles.

Siblings of 'ilm

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