The role of Hadith in the differences between the Madhahib of Fiqh


Session 1: Sunday 12th December 2021 | 8PM – 9:30PM (UK)

Session 2: Sunday 19th December 2021 | 8PM – 9:30PM (UK)

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Instructor: Shaykh Ibrahim ibn Muhammad

Course details:

By the end of the course, students will have a good understanding of the reasons why the scholars acted on or did not act on the narrations.


The course will outline the varying approaches that the earlier scholars had to hadith and how that impacted their fiqh. Questions such as ‘why are their different opinions when there is a clear hadith?’ and ‘why do some scholars follow hadith and others don’t?’ will be answered.

Instructor’s Biography: 

Shaykh Ibrahim studied classical Arabic and Islamic law, and graduated as a Shariah scholar in 2008 from Jameah Uloom al Qur’an in Leicester. In 2016 he obtained an MA in Islamic Finance and Management from Newman University in Birmingham.

Over the years he has lectured on and researched various aspects of Islamic Law and Islamic Finance. Shaykh Ibrahim’s education in traditional classical Islamic studies coupled with his qualification in modern day Islamic Finance and Banking allow him to reflect on, and provide solutions to, contemporary financial issues within the remit of Islamic law.

Along with academic interests, Shaykh Ibrahim has also served as a Shariah advisor, in the UK and abroad, and regularly consults on matters of Islamic Family Law and Islamic Inheritance Law. Shaykh is currently the Director of Lote Tree Consultancy which is a UK based Shariah consultancy firm.