Sincerity: Ikhlas

Please note recording will not be available for this webinar.

When? Saturday 31st July 2021 | 5PM – 7PM (BST)

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Instructor: Ustadhah Saima Yacoob

Course details:

Learning how to live our lives as a journey to Allah and preparing spiritually for our meeting with Him. This webinar hopes to explore the spiritual importance of Ikhlas (sincerity).


By the end of the webinar, students would have:

  • Recapped the previous sessions
  • Studied the importance of Ikhlas (sincerity).
  • Discussed how Ikhlas manifests itself
  • Discussed virtues of Ikhlas
  • Discussed the importance of Ikhlas in a seeker’s spiritual journey

Instructor’s Biography:

Ustadhah Saima Yacoob is based in Charlotte, North Carolina. In addition to holding multiple ijazahs in Tajweed and the Canonical Readings of the Quran (Qiraat), she holds a Master’s in Education with a concentration in Curriculum and Instruction from George Mason University.

She has actively been studying the science of Tasawwuf with her teachers for over a decade, alongside which Ustadhah has been teaching and spiritually serving her community in Eastern United States.