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Introduction to Imam Mālik & His Muwatta


This Ramaḍān intensive endeavours to present an overview of Imām Mālik’s life and his Muwaṭṭa, including a detailed study of the first few āḥadīth from it.

You will learn
  • Biography of Imam Mālik
  • Transmissions of Muwaṭṭa
  • Prints of the Muwaṭṭa
  • Opening Words of Muwaṭṭa
  • Analysis of first few āḥadīth

Course Details

The Muwaṭṭa of Imām Mālik (may Allāh Ta’ālā be pleased with him) is one of the most important corpuses in Aḥādīth. Prior to Imām al-Bukhāri compiling his Ṣaḥīḥ, many considered the Muwaṭṭa to be the most authentic book after the noble Qur’ān. The statement of Imām ash-Shafi’i (may Allāh Ta’ālā be pleased with him): “I do not know of a book more precise than the Muwaṭṭa” is commonly quoted. Comprising of over 1700 narrations and written gradually over four decades, Imām Mālik (may Allāh Ta’ālā be pleased with him) specifically chose narrations that deal with Islamic law and legal rulings. Having relatively short chains to the Prophet (ṣallā llāhu ʿalayhī wa-sallam), Imām Mālik (may Allāh Ta’ālā be pleased with him) also gathered statements and verdicts of the companions (Ṣaḥāba) and successors (Tabi’in). Imām Mālik (may Allāh Ta’ālā be pleased with him) also included his own comments and verdicts.

Instructors Biography

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Mufti Ismail Moosa

Mufti Ismail Moosa completed his Alim course at Darul Ulum Azaadville, and thereafter studied Iftaa under the world-renowned scholar, Mufti Ebrahim Desai (may Allah Ta’ala have mercy on him). Mufti Ismail is also the lead instructor at Ulum al-Hadith ( where he has been delivering classes teaching Ma’rifah ‘Ulum al-Hadith of Ibn as-Salah and Nuzha an-Nadhar. May Allah accept his efforts and allow us to benefit from him. Āmīn Yā Rabb.